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The UCI is pleased to announce today that Glasgow, Scotland, has been awarded the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championships. Speaking at a press conference at Glasgow International Cycling Centre (GICC) on Wednesday, a day before the opening match of the World Cycling Championships, UCI president David Lappartient said: "I am delighted that we have awarded Glasgow and Scotland the first UC.

Responding to the news, Ian Stannard, chief executive of Glasgow International Cycling Centre, said: "Scotland will be the first host of the event to cement its status as a world leader in cycling. Glasgow City Council's head of public relations David Lappartient said: "This is a huge announcement and an achievement for our city.

Glasgow and Scotland's existing world-class cycling infrastructure will allow the UCI World Cycling Championships to be hosted without the need to build a new venue. If you have more than one or two days in Glasgow, there is more to do if you want to venture further afield. Glasgow is surrounded by some of the best cycling facilities in the world, including the Glasgow International Cycling Centre and the City of Glasgow Cycling Park. The more time we have with Glasgow, the more time we will have to visit a few places outside the city centre of Glasgow.

If you arrive early, you should have time to visit several sights in Edinburgh on a day trip, or you can take the regular Citylink shuttle buses that run between Glasgow and Edinburgh. City bus tours and hikes are a great way to get around Glasgow when you are in Glasgow for the first time. If you are looking to find out how many days you should spend in Glasgow, I would suggest you use this post, which lists the main highlights and activities in and around Glasgow, to make a list of the places you would like to visit. Glasgow - Edinburgh deserves its own post - Cycling - World class cycling infrastructure, but it can't be worth it - an overnight trip to Edinburgh if it's not worth it.

If you're looking for more classical music, check out the schedule at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, which also hosts a wide range of concerts, including the Glasgow Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Scottish National Orchestra. The A & E website also provides information on upcoming concerts, where you can search for "A" to find all the "Scottish gigs" taking place in Glasgow, as well as a list of other events in the city.

Glasgow will also host the annual Pipe Band World Championships at the Royal Albert Hall over the weekend from 22 to 23 April. We would like to thank Cycling Scotland, the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and the City of Glasgow for their support for the first edition of this historic event, which will showcase the sport and its various disciplines uniquely on an international stage. This event will be the highlight of the international UCI calendar.

We have a number of day ideas that our guide highlights for the best day trips in Glasgow. We will be highlighting some of the most exciting events in the city over the coming weeks and months. As always, you can ask us questions about activities in and around Glasgow or planning a trip to Scotland.

In our list of events in the Scotland Guide, we have also listed some of the best Scottish events taking place in Glasgow over the next few weeks, months and even years. The guide covers everything from festivals, concerts, events, festivals and events at Glasgow venues. From theatre, sports and festivals to music and theatre, Scotland's Guide covers all events for every Scottish venue in the Glasgow region.

Glasgow's main festivals are the West End Festival, founded in 1996, the Southside Festival, founded in 2008, the Glasgow International Festival of Music and Arts, founded in 2002, and the Glasgow Music & Arts Festival, founded in 1993. Highlights of Scotland's May events include the Scottish Music Festival at Glasgow's Royal Albert Hall, Glasgow City Council's annual music and arts festival in the city centre and the Scotland Walk Festival in St George's Park. Highlights of Scotland's events in August include the annual Glasgow Film Festival and the Scottish Film and Television Festival. Glasgow's August week highlights include the Edinburgh Film & Television Festival and the ScotlandWalk Festival in Edinburgh.

The Doors Open Days Festival in Glasgow lasts a week in September, with the public visiting some of Glasgow's most fascinating buildings and forgetting the city's scenes. Scottish Science - themed events such as the Glasgow Science Festival and the Scottish Science Fair.

Guided tours show the whisky-making process, give a deeper insight into the history of the distilleries in Glasgow and end with a tasting. There are also less frequent guided tours, but these are worth a visit if you are interested in whisky, whisky history or even a taste of one of Glasgow's famous whiskies.

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