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Although Glasgow is Scotland's largest and most diverse city, it remains a closely guarded secret. Scottish food is often stigmatised around the world, and deep-fried Mars bars, fried chicken and even deep fryers are marketed as the nation's culinary delights. Only in Glasgow or the rest of Scotland would you take a carby pie, shove it into your bread, take it out and go the extra culinary mile.

But no matter how crazy the ideas of the Scots, they always turn out to be one of Scotland's most popular foods, so what do they think? The most famous food that comes from Scotland is at the top of our list, and not just because we love it.

Haggis is Scotland's national dish, made from chopped offal from sheep, pigs and cows, mixed with suet, onions, oatmeal, spices and seasoning, and then cooked in the stomachs of slaughterhouses. It's usually served with neeps and tatties, but you can see them in many other Scottish dishes. We think it was created as one of the cheapest bags on the market, carrying the sheep or pork belly.

You don't have to travel far to Scotland to find them, but you can't go anywhere in the country to sample the authentic pizza from Glasgow's West End. There is even a special pizza with Irn-Bru marinated ham, so we can at least say that you have had an authentic Scottish experience while eating a cheeky pizza.

If you want to discover a new, fresh way of looking at food and drink in Glasgow and Scotland, this is the best place to go. It's the perfect place to try haggis, nep and tattie, with all the traditional Scottish dishes you have but begging for the freshness of the food. This is one of Glasgow's most popular restaurants and perfect to celebrate everything the country has to offer.

A selection of regional dishes from across Scotland that really stand out and showcase some of the best produce Scotland has to offer. It offers a unique experience with its chef Peter McKenna and his team, who then turn the ingredients into truly superb dishes that show what Scottish cuisine really can do.

You can expect to be served hearty, seasonal, locally produced produce and you can be sure you will find more than a few Scottish plates vying for your attention. There are so many other Scottish dishes we would love to share with you, such as home-made Scotch beef steaks and pies. With a menu full of dishes such as the home-made Scotch beef steak and pie from the Grill Sisters, you can find a wide selection of more of the best Scottish cuisine, with more than a few "Scottish plates" courting our attention, as well as some of Scotland's best local produce.

If you have any other suggestions for bars and restaurants in Glasgow, please let us know in the comments below. Here's a list of MUST-try meals when you travel to Glasgow and where to find them all here.

This list is not just a list of what Scotland is known for, but also of what we know about the best restaurants in the city for your taste. This list is the food that Scots and visitors to Scotland eat every day, and not just to learn about Scotland. It will also be delivered to you, whether you are on holiday in the Highlands or want to take Scotland home. Discover the world of globally inspired small plates, from Scotland's most famous dishes to some of the most popular local dishes.

Glasgow salad is one of the most unhealthy ethnic cuisine treats the Glaswegians have eaten. Glasgow is very open to ethnic cuisine, but we recommend you try this Scottish tapas dish - a dish that's perfect for sharing. Offered in a variety of flavours and prepared with the best Scottish ingredients, you are surely spoilt for choice.

A traditional Scottish soup called Cullen Skink, it is a Glasgow and Scottish dish made with smoked haddock, leek, potatoes and cream. Whether it's delicious dumplings or the latest variety, Glasgow makes the classic with all its might. Scottish chef works in the city, there are many handmade scallops in Glasgow and a wide range of other delicacies. This soup is one of the most popular dishes on the menu in Scotland and is made with Cullen skink in Scotland. Glasgow's food scene has a number of great options, such as Scottish Chicken Soup.

Although haggis have already won foodie awards, foodies in Glasgow will still enjoy the best of Scottish cuisine, with a wide range of delicious options.

With the quality of Scottish food at the heart of the festival, it is a great opportunity for visitors to see what Scotland's pantry has to offer. There are many opportunities to learn new and exciting recipes from top chefs, and small seasonal menus are presented, with special events such as the Scottish Orkney Food Festival. The Scotland Food Festival is aimed at those who find food less dazzling, such as those from the Highlands and Islands, the Orkneys, the North Sea and the South Sea.

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