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Originally proposed in part as a way to fill the gap in the schedule between Glasgow's annual Celtic Connections Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it is now a major event in the Scottish cultural calendar. Dreich will enrich the evening with a series of performances by local artists, musicians and musicians from across Scotland.

The Tartan Heart Festival is as Scottish as they come, but one of the most famous is definitely the music festival, which celebrates Scotland's cultural heritage and rich musical heritage. The three-day festival has become a highly anticipated part of Glasgow's annual festival calendar and is widely regarded as Scotland's largest free music festival. It is a major festival with a name that Glasgow has chosen as its destination, with audiences and musicians praising the host city.

Throughout the festival, there are venues for all musical tastes, from regular visiting musicians to those who watch them live. Glasgow is also home to some of the world's most talented bands, including U2 and the Foo Fighters. There are also great chances to see huge - hitting headliners such as The Summer Nights Bandstand series showcasing global and local talent at the magnificently restored Kelvingrove Band Stand Amphitheatre. You will also probably hear a wide range of local and international artists as well as international acts. It is also one of Scotland's biggest and most popular music festivals, with more than 1,000 bands.

The history of music and performance is presented on the Glasgow Music Tour, which welcomes Glasgow audiences all year round. While the tour is entertaining and informative, there are legendary performers who have stayed, played and made music in Glasgow and beyond.

Glasgow's concert halls, including the Royal Albert Hall, Glasgow Concert Hall and Queen's Hall, offer a more traditional setting for this kind of music.

Those looking for the real old sounds of Scotland can listen to them live in Scotia and Ben Nevis, played by fiddler, clairvoyant, bodran and drummer. For more information on the history of music in Scotland and Scotland's musical heritage, click here.

We are always looking for great events, concerts and festivals to add to our list. If you know about Scottish festivals, just email us and let us know. Find us on Facebook, where you can search for "A" for upcoming events or "Scottish gigs" to find out what's happening here in Glasgow over the next few weeks.

Glasgow is also a city that regularly gets famous - it hosts concerts, so be sure to check out your favourite musicians to make sure they're performing at one of the many concerts in Glasgow. The Royal Concert Hall plays a major role in the life of the city and its music scene, and is often home to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. It is also home to the Royal Family as well as a number of other famous musicians and artists. As well as being the home of Scotland's national concert hall, it also hosts all sorts of cultural events, including the annual Glasgow International Film Festival, Scottish Film and Television Festival and many more.

Glasgow is also known for its music and live events, with many of the city's most famous venues including the Royal Concert Hall, Royal Albert Hall and Glasgow Opera House.

With countless music schools offering courses, including the highly regarded Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, it is no surprise that Glasgow is officially UNESCO's music city. Glasgow has its Royal Concert Hall, one of the largest and most prestigious concert halls in the world, and there are a number of live concert halls that have become the heart of our music community. Unlike other cities such as London, Glasgow has benefited from adding new venues to welcome all kinds of guest musicians to the city. Long-running music events such as the Glasgow International Music Festival have seen Glasgow festivals across the country, as well as a wide range of music festivals and concerts.

Whether you're a jazz lover or a rap fanatic, Glasgow has something to offer, no matter what genre of music floats your boat. These 18 music festivals in Scotland are sure to inspire you on your next trip to the Bonnie Nation.

Experience Glasgow's folk scene with this delicious dinner and live music package created by Glasgow Music City Tours and Mharsanta. Glasgow is a UNESCO city of music and the ideal city to find a place to enjoy music. This vibrant city has concerts and festivals, and for music lovers who want to experience a performance during their stay in the city, a visit is a must. We # Ve found that music tourism is essentially what Glasgow does: browse record shops, hang out in bars and clubs, and look for places that somehow connect you with the Glasgow artists you love.

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