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The Scottish city of Glasgow has a chequered history, but in the 1960s it was for a moment a cosmopolitan and vibrant place to live. Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, flourished as it became one of the most popular places to live for young professionals and young families.

Glasgow has been Scotland's economic epicentre for centuries and the largest city north of the border. It also has its share of industry and trade, but it is also home to the largest industrial park in the world, the Glasgow Centre, and is now the commercial epicentre of Glasgow, as it is a larger city, north or across borders.

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It is a well - presented, main meow - housed meow house in the heart of downtown, located on a find, and is priced at PS129,995.

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Located about 14 miles west of Glasgow, Glasgow and Dumbartonshire are easily accessible and there are no motorway or rail links. If you need to get out of this magnificent property, Glasgow - Edinburgh Airport is within easy reach.

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Many Landlord Link members are already tempted to invest in Glasgow properties because they find surprisingly cheap apartments and high returns. It might also be useful to know if you are interested in renting a detached house in the Glasgow village. Next we pick up a rental property from Glasgow and what you can buy for the price of one.

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